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    ImageX on 9.5 vs 9.6


      I noticed in 9.6, ImageX shows the progress of laying the image down.


      Any chance we can replace whatever piece does this in 9.5 SP2 (or is it fixed in 9.5 SP3)?

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          Hi there,

          If the feature is new to 9.6 and not present in the 9.5, it's very unlikely that this will be backported to the previous version, as an upgrade to 9.6 would be the easiest and most natural way to obtain the feature.

          You might file an enhancement request about this. However, the 9.5 branch is now in a stage where it's supported in terms of updates that resolve an issue, more than introducing new features.
          All the new functionalities, improvement and enhancement we are working onto are currently targeting our current and next major release.
          This is due to our resource optimization, but also because if in general we backport the new features from the current version to the previous, why would anyone upgrade to a newer version?to plan


          My recommendation is - if the new feature is improving your experience significantly - to plan an upgrade of your environment from 9.5 to 9.6.


          Last, you can test SP3 for your current Management Suite 9.5 starting from here:Management Suite / Security Suite 9.5 Service Pack 3


          Here is the enhancement request start page instead: Enhancement Requests


          Hope this helps

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            mtstss Rookie

            Wrap the imagex command in a bat file.  At the end of your bat file, on its own line, put in the "exit" command. 


            Use the 'Execute file' action.  For target, enter "start".  For command-line parameters, enter "/w pathtobatfile.bat"


            We use this method with 9.6 to show imagex progress.  This also gets around the preferred servers bs that was added in 9.6.