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    Provisioning - change default commands for deployment tools


      Currently we are using Ghost as our main deployment tool for the OS Deployment tasks in provisioning.


      The standard syntax that is added when selecting Symantec from the dropdown for Image Type is:

      -clone,mode=load,src=I:\Image_File_Name.gho,dst=1 -sure -auto


      I prefer a couple of additional switches & commands in the line, so I often edit this after it is created to add the necessary switches.


      Is there a way to change the command line template so I can have the commands I use in the syntax by default when building the task?  Is this stored in a file somewhere?


      currently on 9.5 but moving to 9.6 soon...



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          JSMCPN Expert

          That is a really good idea!  I doubt it is possible at this time, because I am fairly confident that all the default command line options for various Actions are stored in the Handler EXE/DLLs as opposed to in the database or a plain-text config file.


          What you might be able to do instead, is make an INCLUDE that only does the Deploy Image action, customize the command line arguments, and use a VARIABLE for the image filename.  Then you can include this template in your other templates, and control which template deploys which image file by defining the variable per-template.

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