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    Installation of Drivers using a HII


      Hi all


      Please be gentle as I am inexperienced in imaging and this is my first attempt at an HII.


      LDMS 8.8 with all rollups applied.


      I followed the documentation HII-WinPE.pdf from the droppeDPackets.org site (very nice document by the way, easy to read and understand).


      The driver folder and files are copied down to the PC into C:\drivers

      The driver locations are added to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DevicePath


      However the drivers are not automatically installed and the devices are still shown with the ? in Device Manager in Windows.


      The only thing I did not do according to the document is create a sysprep.inf template file and add it to my deployment script. Could this be the problem? If so, could someone guide me on what needs to be included in the sysprep.inf template file or post an example of one.


      Other than that, any ideas on why the drivers are not being installed?


      Attached is the log from the image deployment.



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          bhadzik Apprentice





          First check if they are the right drivers. If you go to the device manager, and point to one of the driver directories eg: c:\drivers\video, Does it find it and automaticly install the driver? That will tell you if it is sysprep problem, or a driver issue.



          You are not required to import a sysprep.inf beforehand, but you can still edit the sysprep template when you right click on the script and do an advanced edit. Maybe for good measure put the driver paths in oempnpdrivers, just to test it out.



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            Hi bhadzik


            Sorry, I wrote my message in a hurry and left that part out.


            Yes, I have tried going to device manager and pointing to the directories as you suggested and Windows then finds and installs the driver correctly. I know these are the correct drivers as I have installed them many times manually on many computers.


            Sorry, could you explain a bit more what you mean by "Maybe for good measure put the driver paths in oempnpdrivers". I am not familiar with writing sysprep files so I don't know what is required in the script.


            Thanks for your help.



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              bhadzik Apprentice

              Well, you can add the driver path to oempnpdrivers section of sysprep. It would look kinda like this







              and then when sysprep.exe is run, it takes that path and injects it into the registry key that you were describing.




              LDprep gives us this ability at run time, so if each model has a slightly different structure, it will add a specific set of paths based on the c:\drivers directory.




              Probably a better way to troubleshoot this would be to comment out the reboot at the end of the script, and when the script is finshed manually run regedit and take a look at the registry and see if it correctly inserted the path in. Sometimes I have seen if there allready was something in there, ldprep screws up, and leaves that registry key blank.

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                OK, I will try that next week. Am dealing with a more urgent issue right now and don't have time to test this.


                Thanks again.



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                  Hi again


                  You were right on the money. I took the reboot line out and I can see the drivers files and folders were copied to C:\drivers but the registry key only shows %SystemRoot%\inf so it looks like ldprep was not able to add the paths to the drivers I added.


                  Any ideas on where to go from here?



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                    bhadzik Apprentice

                    Ya, it has something to do with what was in the key before you run ldprep. It was long enough ago that i forgot the specifics, but try either removing everything in there before, or just putting something short. Try running the ldprep by hand as well and see what happens.

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                      Tried removing everything from the registry key before deploying the image, still doesn't work. When Windows comes up, the path to the drivers is not in the registry.



                      Tried running the ldprep by hand while in WinPE and got a message saying could not find the path. The command I used was directly out of the HII document: ldprep /c /reg=Software1 /path=c:\drivers and I can see the c:\drivers folder in WinPE so I know the path is correct.



                      Any ideas?






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                        bhadzik Apprentice

                        I think what it attempts to do is look at what was in the key, and tries to append to it. I think it chokes if the key was blank to begin with. Try putting c:\drivers in there as a test, then run ldprep. Also, run ldprep by hand to see if there are any interesting command line switches.

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                          I did what you said and now ldprep adds the entries to the registry but Windows will not install the drivers automatically. I am back to where I started.


                          I guess I will give up on my dream of HII for now, maybe a new version of ldprep will be released in the future and I will try again then.


                          I appreciate all of your help and I have given you the points for answering my questions.


                          Have a great day.





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                            Are you using a sysprepped image choosing the following options during your master image creation?













                            I do use provisioning + ldprep, among some other things. What I do at this point in the sysprep is have a very simple sysprep file loaded, which will build a mass storage list. After that, during provisioning I inject a custom sysprep (in my case, specific to geographic location of the machine). In your case, you can just copy the sysprep file down with OSD.









                            The sysprep folder has:







                            The sysprep.inf (at this point) contains:












                            During the sysprep injection, the file looks like the one attached. Your ldprep should run after the sysprep.inf is injected as well. One other notable point is that I run my ldprep within a batch file. I think it has issues when it cant output the contents of what it is about to load into the registry into a cmd window









                            Part of the issue you're seeing could be that it's sysprepped with other options than in the screenshot above, or the sysprep.inf is missing the DriverSigningPolicy. Since your drivers are being copied to c:\drivers they shouldn't be cleaned up by sysprep either, and just verify that they are there after-the-imaging.

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                              Thanks ahargreaves


                              I am not sure if I chose the correct sysprep options. I will try again with your suggestions when I get a chance, may not be until next week though.