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    Avaya OneX Communicator rollout

    SergK Rookie

      Hi Guys,


      we are working for rollout the Software Avaya OneX Communicator V. in our Company, but we do not know what ist the best way to do the rollout.

      What we have is a Setup.exe and some .xlm config files which must be copied to userprofile after the Installation.

      So tested to push the Setup.exe to the Clients and than copy the files from a share to userprofile, but this doenst work.

      so I wanted to ask in the commmunity if someone has already experience with this Software.


      thanks in advance

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          bcstring SupportEmployee

          Generally the best way to install the program and then copy files to the necessary paths is wrap up the whole install process in a BAT, VBS, or PowerShell script. Can you give more details about where the files have to be copied, and how they have to be applied?