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    Anyone use a VM to maintain their Windows 7 image?

    bdleedy Apprentice

      I'm trying to move to using VMWare Workstation to maintain my image.

      Here's what I plan on doing:

      • Update the VM (patches, new software, new settings)
      • Take a snapshot
      • Sysprep it (remove LANDesk, reset Symantec, delete files/folders, and then sysprep)
      • Pull the .wim
      • Revert to pre-syspreped VM
      • Rinse, repeat


      So far I'm having issues though when imaging with that .wim. Most often it's network. Typically the network driver installs however there is no connection. (Shows up in hardware manager) If I try and go to look at the interfaces though I get a "Class not available" error.


      Does anyone have any experience/guidance in this?