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    LDMS 9.5 Disaster Recovery


      Can someone provide the most effective way to provide disaster recovery for my landesk 9.5 management suite?

      All my clients currently connect directly to 1 core. External clients come in via 1 CSA to the that core.


      I have a DR site. now what?


      can i have a sync'd secondary core? is this a standard re install at DR and point to a dr restored copy of the database?





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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          There are a variety of options available for disaster recovery, depending on how much downtime you can tolerate, as well as how much you want to commit to the effort, and what kind of disaster you want to cover. Some of the things to consider:

          • Database
            • If you are looking to overcome hardware failure, one option is to use a SQL cluster that can migrate the database to another server if the primary server fails.
            • You can also just restore a recent backup of the database to a new SQL server
            • Potentially mirror the database to another database server - Nothing should connect to the "backup" until it is needed
            • In the case of change to the database server name, you will need to change the database configuration in LDMS once the new database is up and running
          • Core Server
            • If you have virtualized your Core, there are a number of options, including guest migration or restoring from backup/snapshot depending on your goal
            • You can keep a "cold standby" Core Server and use Core Sync to help keep it updated. There will be some items you have to manually migrate
            • You can use a DNS redirection to help clients. For example, you could create a DNS alias "LDCore" that normally points to LDCore1. If there is a failure that requires migration, you can update that alias to point to LDCore2. Clients are configured to talk to LDCore, so now they are able to communicate with the "backup" Core Server.


          Hope that helps!