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    Capabilities in BridgeIT

    Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

      LANDESK Service Desk is constantly evolving and our current roadmap has us moving towards a new UI, using the latest web technologies to build a responsive, modern-looking experience to users of Service Desk and other LANDESK products across all devices and platforms. Work on this new framework started a couple of years ago and was originallyintroduced under the name Mobile Self Service. With each release we add additional capabilities, recently we've integrated some of the self-service capabilities from LANDESK Management Suite and some app-publishing features from LDPortal/Avalanche and re-branded the Self Service portion of this framework as “Fuse". The underlying framework is called BridgeIT and the whole project encompasses not only the website and apps but also the various pieces of technology required for the app to work.


      Owing to the way that technology is changing and the new needs of software users we don’t intend to replicate every current feature of Service Desk in exactly the same way in BridgeIT.  Furthermore, because of the exciting new capabilities available by using this new framework we’ll also be able to add features and functionalities that it would be almost impossible to implement in the existing console or Web Access interfaces.


      On this thread, we’ll keep track of the capabilities added to BridgeIT, primarily from the perspective of a Service Desk user. The aim of this is to clarify what a Service Desk customer can do with BridgeIT  in each release.



      BridgeIT uses the dashboards and shortcuts already published to users of Web Access Self Service to display their content. There are two main “views” – dashboards and windows. The dashboards render most gadgets, including content, links, queries, grouped queries, pie & column charts in a rich, responsive way. The windows use the console-defined published window for the user and displays all the string and drop-down fields defined there. It includes the user-defined labels and maintains the group box-grouping of these fields.


      If a Service Catalogue is published to the logged in user then this too is available to be used to request services. The form that the user can fill in follows the same rules as described above for windows.


      Between these two main views and the navigation facilities available (including breadcrumbs) an end user is able to perform normal end user tasks, such as log a basic Incident, request a service and check the status of their outstanding support requests.

      The application is available in a browser (on desktops or mobile devices) or via apps in the Apple app store or Google Play store.


      Get Involved

      If you’re interested in being closely involved with BridgeIT as we add new features please get in touch – itsmproductmgmt@landesk.com, we’re always looking to get thoughts and opinions from our customers to help guide our roadmap and priorities

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          Lara Hellman SupportEmployee


          In addition to your shortcuts already published to your users in Web Access Self Service, the BridgeIT menu now includes an “Analyst Home” menu item for analyst users. This is linked to the system home page of Web Desk and will enable your Analysts to see information and links pertinent to them in BridgeIT. The rest of the shortcut groups and shortcuts therein are not published to BridgeIT, if you need access to those you can add them as links on your system dashboard. This is the first step towards introducing Analyst functionality in to the BridgeIT platform and your thoughts on how we do that and what it will mean to you will be warmly received.


          We have further extended the capabilities for our customers that have multiple LANDESK products too, enabling Management Suite console users to look up users and devices, see basic information about them and remote control those devices. For Avalanche customers they can wipe and lock mobile devices in addition to functionality provided by the other LANDESK products installed.


          In a direct comparison with earlier versions you will see that we’ve added the ability to set categories when logging new records and have pulled the UI for the related data on to the main record screen, enabling all the queries and collections designed on to a form to be seen alongside the rest of the detail on the record.

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            Lara Hellman SupportEmployee


            This release brings many new features to the BridgeIT platform, enabling more users to get more things done there than ever before. Firstly, any forms you have designed that have date/time, Boolean or attachment fields will have these appear alongside the String, dropdown and category fields  on your windows in BridgeIT. Any users or CIs on those windows will also have links through to their details page if they exist in your linked Management Suite database.


            For those of you who want to publish content containing links back in to the product (eg having an ‘Add Note’ action on a report template over Incidents) to both your Web Access and BridgeIT users, you can now do this easily using the new ‘Applink’ feature in your report templates and calculations. For more information on how to set this up please see the new features guide.


            The ability to perform a knowledge search as part of a process – part of the SnapIT feature of this release enables your users to get knowledge results from information they’ve added to a form inside BridgeIT and they can then view that content inside the application.


            You’ll also notice some minor tweaks to the appearance of the BridgeIT application with this release, something we’ll continue to enhance with future iterations.

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              Lara Hellman SupportEmployee


              In this release we’ve focused on making the appearance and user experience of the Workspaces on the BridgeIT platform absolutely fantastic. You’ll notice that the input forms and dashboards have both benefitted from a significant uplift in their design, including layout, animation and colour palette.


              We’ve started adding themeability to Workspaces too this release with the ability to alter the background image, for more information on this, see the New Features guide.


              On input forms we’ve added another control – the HTML editor. This allows you to change the appearance and format of text you enter and insert pictures, both on desktops and mobile devices. The editor also features an “HTML view” allowing your more experienced users to edit the HTML directly – much like the comment editor here in Community.


              In the next release we’re planning to add the ability to update forms – including windowless actions, and add the foundations for a dashboard designer. We’d love to get your feedback on all these new features, to do so, simply sign up to http://servicedeskbeta.landesk.com to get access to our beta program.

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                Lara Hellman SupportEmployee


                With this release of Service Desk there's two major new features in BridgeIT Workspace that are of interest to Service Desk customers.


                editable fields in BridgeIT.PNG


                You are now able to edit records in Workspace - subject to your publishing and privileging rules. This functionality enables your users to change the data on a saved record whenever they have the record open, editable fields are generally identified by a pencil icon and can be altered when the field is active.

                This work also means that read-only fields designed on to windows now also show both on creation and edit of records. Filtering rules are also applied so, for example, the raise user/customer filtering will work the way you expect.

                While most field types are now editable, in the 7.8.3 release you cannot edit HTML or Attachment type attributes. these limitations will be addressed in a future release.


                service catalog featured and extended.PNGThe Service catalog has also been extended with new functionality. Firstly, you can add images to the top level category items. So, when you first enter the catalog, the tiles you can drill through can have meaningful pictures on them. If no picture is set then an appropriate default image is displayed.

                Next, there's a new property of configuration items called 'Is Featured?'. When this is set to true and the item appears in the catalog, it is in a separate section at the top of the list and occupies more space than the other available services.

                Finally, it is now also possible to see further information about the service before clicking through to request it by clicking on the tile. This will display the published form to the user in a new area of the screen. The form displayed follows your publishing rules, except that the form will only display your fields read-only. We recommend that for end users you design a form that has friendly labels and text so the user can easily understand what they're looking at.

                For those of you who have been involved in the Beta program, you will also be aware that we've started work on a dashboard designer for BridgeIT that will ultimately be used to design and publish content to your Workspace users from inside the application. This work is still ongoing and will be generally available in a future release of Service Desk.

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                  Hi LaraHellman,


                  We are still on 7.7.1, but are looking to upgrade to 7.8.3 soon.  I noticed with 7.7.3 that you stated:

                  "The windows use the console-defined published window for the user and displays all the string and drop-down fields defined there."


                  Does this mean only what is set as the Webaccess default in Windows Manager is used?  We currently have several lifecycles within our Incident Module which are on separate processes.  Would these also be available in BridgeIT?


                  Thank you,


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                    Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

                    Hi mmorales,


                    It means that Workspaces uses the publishing rules you've set up, you'll see the workspace version of the same window you'd see logged in to Web Access as that user on that process.





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                      kevin.bye Apprentice

                      Where do you set the attributes to be editable in Workspaces?

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                        Fabian Schmidt Expert

                        Two questions:

                        What new capabilities besides dynamic windows are now supported in Workspaces 2016?

                        Are Window Copy Rules supported and should work?




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                          tunc.guner Rookie

                          Hi Everyone,


                          We have only able to enable our mobile users to login to servicedesk to create a new bridgeit insitance with token policy. Since when we change the ServiceDesk bridgeit from expicit only, sa can not login console. But the problem is the new objects we have added to the workspaces we don't see on the second bridgeit instance. Is there a way to publish updates to other bridgeit instances?


                          Best Regards

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                            tunc.guner Rookie

                            Hi Again,


                            I see that there can only be one sa, when I create sa like user from console, I got License validation failed. Invalid License Type for Analyst saadmin.

                            and also I have recognized that I don't have to create a new servicedesk.framework for a second bridgeit,

                            but by any case if you have a second framework then you might face this issue,

                            I am good now


                            Best Regards

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                              neil_p1000 Apprentice

                              Hi Lara


                              We have just been migrated to SQL from Oracle and upgraded to 2016.4 to utilise Workspaces mainly focussing on End User self service.


                              An issue that I have found which may just be me being new to workspaces admin is that I cannot publish dashboards to Groups as all I see is the first 25 groups and cannot scroll to other groups or do a search is this a issue as we don't want to publish a generic dashboard with gadgets that wont work for different customers i.e Housing, Schools etc..


                              Also when logging a call through the portal the response level doesn't seem to work and cannot be changed within Webaccess or Console ??




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                                Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

                                Hi @neil_p1000,


                                The issue with publishing to groups was addressed in 2016.4 by a service update, you can download it from here. The ability to have the response level matrix applied when logging records in Workspaces was a capability added in the 2017.1 release. I suspect the reason you can't subsequently change it in the other UIs is due to your process or window configurations, if you need help working out what needs to be changed, support should be able to help you.





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                                  Darren.Bradshaw Expert

                                  Hi Lara, I logged a support about this issue Neil P describes, I was told it would be fixed in a latter release then the call was closed.  There was no mention of it being addressed in a hotfix, at the time the call was closed, nor when the hotfix was release telling me this would resolve my issue. I must admit that in recent dealings I have had with support, they have not been very positive ones, not sure what has changed but something certainly has.  Previously I have always had a good relationship with support but now, I little or no confidence in contacting them.

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                                    neil_p1000 Apprentice

                                    Hi Lara


                                    That was the problem. I thought the consultant who upgraded us to 2016.4 had applied the hotfix. Ive applied it on all our servers and can now publish to groups,


                                    I don't know if you can advise on another issue in that we have an action to add time for analysts but in workspaces you cannot add numbers


                                    Thanks for the advice

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