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    LANDesk OS deployments on Slow links


      Hi All,

      So let me explain my situation and then one of you hero's hopefully can help me out!


      We have several remote sites which are slow links, the machines on these sites are XP so the mission was to get them upgraded in place to Windows 7. My plan was to build a PXE rep and Preferred server (on the same host), Take them to site, set of the upgrade. Now in testing on core sites the templates fine no issue HOWEVER, on the slow link sites it fails as it times out rebooting the client into the PE environment from Windows. I have attached what the template is doing but the long and short of it is:


      The template starts within the OS and performs USMT (works fine) it then goes to reboot into the PE environment, to do this it copies down files including the boot.wim. Now for some reason as can see from the logs its not getting this boot.wim and other files from the PXE host, its going back to the core which is over a slow link which is why its all timing out. Now I can lower the boot.wim size but its still going to be touch and go as I have slower links yet to do.


      Now this behaviour is crazy considering if you boot the machine to PE normally it will get the boot.wim and other files from the PXE server. So I need to force the clients to go to the PXE for the required files OR increase the time out.


      This must have happened previously to people so there must be a solution out there. I have spoken to LANDesk but they seem to have no solution..... Can anyone help?