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    How to Migrate LDDA Datas




      I have to migrate from the actual LANDesk infrastructure to a new LANDesk Infrastructure.


      So, I have to migrate all my LDDA datas.


      For Device's Data, I think I can do the following :

      • Export all the MP_* tables from the Actual SQL Server (LDDA 9.6 update 419)
      • Import all the MP_* to the new SQL Server (LDDA 9.6 update 419)


      Is this correct ?

      Is there another way ?



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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Do you want to migrate the rules or generated device data?


          In the first case it is better to select the rules that you created yourself and use the Export / Import buttons in DTS.


          As far as device data goes, this is all spread out throught the DB, not just in the MP tables. If you want to keep the device data, you are better off making a comlete copy of the DB for use in your new infrastructure.



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            Thanks for your answer.


            We have present day 2 LANDesk Infrastructure (one in 9.5 and the 2nd in 9.0). The 9.5 infrastructure have LDDA datas, the other does'nt have. The new infrastructure will be in 9.6. For all this reasons, this is not possible to do a complete copy of the DB.


            The question is almost about computer class datas in LDDA database. There is a lot of computers archived in this database and i would like to keep this records in the new infrastructure.


            In one hand, I can export each record, one by one, in XML format do keep the all inventory's data. But I don't see How to Import them from the XML files.


            In the other hand, i would like to do  this a quiet more faster than on by one.