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    LDMG: no service level connections




      I'm having a lot of trouble understanding the LDMG and making it work.


      After a few weeks of strugling I've managed to post a certificate from our test lab core to the LDMG. The problem was caused by an over enthousiatic network security policy and a NIC that officially is supported, but doesn't work. So, now I was looking forward to finally get a client to connect through the LDMG. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get this to work.


      I checked the connections from and to the LDMG. I found out that I cannot reach the core server from the LDMG. I asked the network administrator to look into this.


      I was wondering if the fact that I don't have any Service Level Connections could be caused by the LDMG not being able to connect to the core server? If so, I could be on the right track. Can anyone confirm this?


      Thanks in advance,




      P.S. Using LDMS 8.8 and LDMG ISO 8.7.

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          The gateway only needs to reach out to the licensing server and to smtp (if you've configured alerts). Everything else is inbound to the gateway.


          Two troubleshooting tips - first, I'd try disabling the gateway's firewall temporarily, and second I'd try a one-nic configuration. The two nic configs are useful for bandwdith increase, but not required.

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            I found my problem. Both you're conditions were allready met.


            The problem was that I didn't configure the Additional Host Names in the LDMG webconsole. When I did, I have 6 service leve connections. This part seems to be working as I now can connect to both the LDMG and core server.


            Now for my next challenge: getting a certificate.


            Thanks for your help.