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    why does software show up in "packages" instead of "add remove programs" section of "software" inventory?

    RobR@SWRX Apprentice

      when I look at MY workstation in “add remove programs” I see that I have Chrome 66.3.3288

      LANDesk’s inventory of my machine reflects that version information.

      But when I launch Chrome and open the “about chrome” dialogue I see Version 38.0.2125.104 m

      Landesk’s inventory of another workstation does not show Google Chrome in “add remove programs” which would lead me to believe that the product is no longer installed on the machine.

      but there is a reference to “old_chrome.exe” in the “Packages” section of the inventory. 

      Can someone enlighten me as to why this would happen? (i'm trying to parse out "detections" of missing patches from another source vs. LANDesk)