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    Horizontal scroll in webdesk


      I removed a field that we no longer needed and moved some fields around in the window designer for my Incidents. When i launch this in webdesk all of the fields seem to have stretched horizontally. I made sure all the widths matched, made sure everything was lined up, i even changed the zoom level in my browser but no matter what i do i cannot get the horizontal scroll bar to go away.


      What else can i do to fix this? All of my fields are in group boxes, the sizes of which i checked also.


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          Well, unfortunately adjusting a web form can cause some issues with alignment.  I would first check to ensure that if you had the groupbox alignment set previously, that they now actually are still set to something that makes sense.  Since everyone has a different form, it can vary to what needs to be adjusted.  The movement of a label, one not attached to an attribute can cause this also.  Along with the need to use breaks <br> somewhere.  if you are aiming to have just two main columns with multiple group boxes, I would align all the groupboxes with the top box, then align all the labels, attributes, etc.


          Hope this helps a little.

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            In the designer view everything is aligned as you mentioned, the group boxes are set to align with the top most group box. All the fields align (when you re size them and you get the alignment line, they all meet up). Ill double check again tomorrow to make sure. Correct me if im wrong but what you're saying is that every text label needs to line up with every other label above and below it in a column design and every field leftmost and rightmost edges also have to line up? Can a single pixel of misalignment throw everything off? Why doesn't the webdesk view simply show what i created in console?


            Can you clarify what you meant by 'need to use breaks <br>'? Are you talking about putting HTLM code into your window design manually? I attached another picture showing how it looks currently and how the edges lead off of the page. In console the two main columns line up correctly with the 'Summary', 'Details' and 'Device Name' spanning both columns. It was actually the removal of a field next to 'Device Name' that caused this.


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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee


              You don't mention what version you are running and there have been some changes to the software over different releases.  It is possible that this advice might be applicable because I notice you have a standalone label (or it looks like one) of "Minutes": Web Access not displaying in the number of columns which you have designed, one column appears excessively wide - Explaining the use of standalone labels on windows in 7.5

              Perhaps remove the label altogether on your test environment and see how the window displays without it?  We might be able to advise better if you were able to show us a shot of the design in Window Designer but overall I think this one might be better to log with your local support provider.


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                Karen, the 'Device Name' label rightmost edge was set to just over the halfway point of column 1, so that may have introduced a 3rd column very similar in nature to your post. So i put the rightmost edge of 'Device Name' to align to the rightmost edge of the 2nd column and that fixed the scrolling issue.


                Id really like for Device Name not to stretch the entire horizontal plane of the window but ill figure that one out later. Im running 7.6.2 by the way. Thanks for your post, it led me to what i needed!