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    Web Console 9.5 sp2


      Good morning, to see a computer in the web console, when we go to the properties of the computer it takes a lot of time. We test this in different browsers and we have the same result. Also we stop Antivirus and Firewall services.

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          What results do you get if you do this while directly on the Core Server? Do you get different results based on where you are connecting from? Is it faster in the main office, and slower at remote offices? How does it compare to the response of the Windows Console, both on the Core and from a Remote Console? You could also be experiencing some slowness in getting results back from the database. Do you have a maintenance plan in place for the LDMS database to keep the fragmentation under control? Is the Core Server overloaded when trying to serve up the web console pages?


          You might want to look into opening a case to look into this further.

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            We have find the problem, the problem was the Path 4 fo the Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise, in the Server where is installed the Core Server.

            We have to include some process in Process of Low Risk.