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    Is there a document to help those in the Federal or DOD sector with Core server requirements/configuration?


      Happy Friday all,


      Wondering if there is any documentation, help, or if someone could point me in the right direction for "Required services/permissions" on a LD Core server.  I am working in the DOD sector and we apply required STIG and GPO security settings for our servers to maintain DoD mandated regulations.  After security policies have been applied to our Core server, all of our clients stopped receiving new polices.  Any new policy sync from the Portal Manager or new policies released either via patch management or software distribution remain in a pending state.  It's as if when we applied our security policy our clients were unable to successfully retrieve new policies from the server.   Any help help that could shed some light on the issue it would be much appreciated.



      LANDESK 9.5 SP2

      Core server and database server separate

      Approx 2500 - 300 nodes


      All known patches have been applied and deployed to Core and agents.