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    BKM for Vista OS Provisioning ?


      Is there a BKM or something else for Vista OS Provisioning ?

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          I'm also looking for this. What what I've seen so far, you have to use an image deploy from a provisioning task for vista deployment since scripted install isn't supported. But how to do this? If somebody would indeed be so kind as to post us instructions regarding the whole process (image deploy, unattend xml, drivers inject, etc). Maybe an full example of a provisioning task?

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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            Well, although a BKM would be very nice, there's also no reason not to use a normal OSD script. You can use the standard imageX command to restore the WIM image, copy the unattend.xml and tokrepl command to change the computer name in the unattend.xml


            Be sure to let the last 3 lines in the OSD script to set the bootrecord on the disk straight, otherwise your system won't boot up.




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              Hello Frank,


              Thank you for replying. I'm new to os deployment or provisioning. I can't seem to find a handy guide anywhere.

              I see this topic is posted in OS Deployment. I meant deploying vista through a provisioning template. Do you by any chance know how to and have an example provisioning template handy?


              If not, can you by any chance post a working example of one of your vista osd scripts? As I don't know how to write such a script nor for instance does tokrepl say anything to me...


              Thank you in advance,


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                Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                Hi Ronald,


                Sorry, I don't have a provisioning template at hand, but here's an example of a Vista OSD script...



                REMPING16=WINPE, TIMEOUT=1800
                REMEXEC161=net use i: /d
                REMEXEC162=net use h: /d
                REMEXEC17=diskpart /s X:\LDClient\rmvol.txt
                REMEXEC18=drvmap.exe landesk 12345 I: <qt/>\\LANDesk\share<qt/>, STATUS FACILITY=3513
                REMEXEC19=drvmap.exe landesk 12345 H: <qt/>\\LANDesk\share<qt/>, STATUS FACILITY=3513
                REMEXEC20=diskpart /s X:\LDClient\wipeDisk0.txt
                REMEXEC21=cmd /c format /Y /FS:NTFS /Q /V:C-DRIVE c:
                REMEXEC22=cmd /c RunBatch -1 h:\Tools\imagex imagex.exe /apply i:\Images\Vista.wim 1 C:, STATUS FACILITY=3513, SYNC
                REMEXEC23=sdclient /f /o /dest="X:\LDClient\diskinfo.exe" /p="
                http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/diskinfo.exe ", STATUS
                REMEXEC24=sdclient /f /o /dest="X:\LDClient\assvol.txt" /p="
                http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/assvol.txt ", STATUS
                REMEXEC25=tokreplw X:\LDClient\assvol.txt partition=1
                REMEXEC26=diskpart /s X:\LDClient\assvol.txt
                REMEXEC27=sdclient /f /o /dest="C:\unattend.xml" /p="
                http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/vista.xml ", STATUS
                REMEXEC28=sdclient /f /o /dest="C:\ldsleep.exe" /p="
                http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/ldsleep.exe ", STATUS
                REMEXEC29=tokreplw C:\unattend.xml COMPUTERNAME=%Computer - Device Name%
                REMEXEC30=cmd /c copy /y X:\LDClient\guid.pds C:\LDISCAN.CFG
                REMEXEC31=tokreplw C:\LDISCAN.CFG DEVICEID=%Computer - Device ID%
                REMEXEC32=tokreplw C:\LDISCAN.CFG IMAGEPATH=\\LANDesk\share\Images\Vista.wim
                REMEXEC33=sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /o /dest="x:\ldclient\fixvista.bat" /p="
                http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/FixVista.bat "
                REMEXEC34=sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /o /dest="x:\ldclient\fixntfs.exe" /p="
                http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/fixntfs.exe "
                REMEXEC35=sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /o /dest="x:\ldclient\bcdedit.exe" /p="
                http://%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%/landesk/files/bcdedit.exe "
                REMEXEC36=RunBatch -1 X:\LDCLient x:\ldclient\FixVista.bat
                REMEXEC37=diskinfo extend_last_partition
                REMEXEC38=reboot, timeout=2