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    System problem in many computers after install agent


      My problem is that in the organization where my enterprise wants to implement LDMS, there arose a problem with some computers, which began to fail and finally unable to log on, there's someone else has this happened?


      More informatión:

      The number of teams in the company about 80,000;

      They all scattered in different network segments,

      The affected computers are 160 and belong to different segments,

      The minority of those 160 have not installed the agent and therefore do not communicate with LDMS

      We found a security flaw in the system microsoft damaging collision with third party applications, but that update is not installed in the damaged equipment was discarded.



      The problem is they are trying to blame this LANDesk equipment failure, that way we could show that LANDesk does not cause this type of failure?


      thank you very much, best regards!!