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    Create new inventory (Asset) item in Data Analytics

    tdavenport Specialist

      How can I create a new asset inside of LDDA from a flat file, xls, or SQL connection? This would not be related to any other ComputerID or DeviceID inside of LANDesk or LDDA. So, in other words, I am not simply updating existing records with additional data or performing a normalization routine. I need to create a new record entirely.


      Now that I think about it, what I'd like to do is create a new Device Class inside of Asset Control and, from a data source, import a set of devices. This DTS import would create a new device ID and any additional set of data.


      The real world scenario is that we have Airwatch hosted. Which means that we have no direct SQL connection to that DB. There is a built in Airwatch DTS integration under Enterprise Aggregator in LDDA but it requires a direct connection to a SQL Server. And I'm not really sure what it does or if it creates a new record at all. Instead, we are allow to receive flat files only of ANY requested data. Our thinking is that if we can import from a flat file or xls file, then we can import the data into Data Analytics. So back to my original question, Is there a DTS package built in or one that I can create that will create a new Asset (with unique ID) and new Asset class - along with any additional data that we may want?


      Thank you!