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    Yosemite and Kaspersky


      We upgraded to 9.6 and everything was working fine until we upgraded our test machines to Yosemite.


      Problem: av would not install

      What worked:

      1. vulnerability scans reported to the core

      2. inventory scans reported to the core

      3. Remote control worked and status displayed


      Solution: installed patch found at: LANDESK Support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite


      Now Kaspersky will install but the following problems still exist:


      1. the "K" icon does not ever show up in the task bar

      2. Quick launch has Kaspersky but it will not display a UI

      3. Vulnerability scan report back to the core but it does not update the All Devices default view for "Last Vulnerability Scan Date".  If you open patch and compliance the updated information is there.

      4. remote control works, however the status never updates on the "All Devices" view to show that we can connect to the device.


      What do you recommend to fix these issues?


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