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    How to display linked reports in new window

    Shatterstorm Apprentice

      We are creating a security scorecard report, and we are including links to queries so people can drill down and see their problem machines.  Currently, when you click the link, it opens in the same window.  I cannot seem to find the command that will open the link in a new window.


      For example, here is the code behind one of the data fields:

      <Column Name="Symantec Agent Deployment - Outdated" BlackOutZero="Yes" ClassName="BoldText" UseRowFontColor="Yes" HeaderClassName="HorizontalTextHeader" Query="DAQueries\SEPOld" CR="130" LinkQuery="DAQueries\SEPOld" ReturnType="Number" />


      I need the LinkQuery to open in a new window, not the current window.  Telling users to right-click on the links and select open in new window is not a practical option.


      If anybody has the code to do this, I would appreciate the help.  Thanks.