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    During distribution tasks core server creates hundreds of connections with database server and takes lots of database server resources (memory)


      When a Software distribution task (or patching task) is launched to 4000 client nodes, the core server creates hundreds even thousands of database connections against the Oracle sever and as the oracle server has a limit of 600 hundreds simultaneous connections for the LANDESK database, and when this limit is reached the Oracle server discards new connections while the connection limit has been reached. Because of that most of the software distribution tasks fails to complete and ends with an error. My question is how many concurrent connections to the oracle database should be defined for a customer with 5000 client nodes assigned to the core server?
      On the other hand oracle administrators does not feel very happy having to assign so many connections to the LANDESK database, as no other database applications require such a number of connections for the same number of client nodes.


      Any ideas?