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    Creating Query based on 2 business objects


      I would like to create a query based on Incident Business Object  that will show both open and resolved/closed ticket. I would like to include both Resolution Date and Resolution User as part of Selected attributes that will form the query. when I try to do drag the Resolution Date or Resolution User on to the query selected attribute window, it moves down to the Preview attributes panel( I presume this is because resolution is a collection?). How can I get these attributes as part of my query. I have tried creating a query based on Resolution Business object but it doesn't show tickets in open status or any other status other than Resolved or closed

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          The only way to include resolution information is to do a query based on resolution but then you don't get open incidents.  You probably already know that which is why your posting.  The only solution I have found is SSRS the SQL report writer and Crystal Reports which is provided with Service Desk.  Personally I like SSRS much better.  Crystal Reports has too many levels of drill down menus and haphazardly placed functions for my taste.  Very powerful but a steep learning curve.  SSRS has a steep learning curve as well, but the organization of the interface is far better and I find it more intuitive.  But unless your organization has already purchased it like mine had and you know Visual Studio like I do, the price and work to get it going may not be worth it.  There are probably other report writers out there but these two are the big boys in the industry.


          At one time LanDesk was looking at providing a different report writers that was going to be full featured and work within Service Desk.  Not heard anything about that in a long time.  Maybe someone official will see this post and update us on the status.  I am perfectly happy with SSRS but an internal report writer with similar functionality as Crystal Reports or SSRS would certainly be a welcome addition.

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            One way would be to create a calculation that saves the resolution details you want to report on in attributes on the incident itself.  You may have a calculation that shows the current assignee of an incident and so the same principle would apply.

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              good suggestion, I have tried to do some calculations but the field isn't generating any data. Any idea on what the calculation should be

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                I'd work through the tutorials Stu has published on Calculations as I think there are examples in there of this sort of thing.  Also the tutorials give you what you need to know to roll your own and diagnose problems.  If you ask Stu or support very nicely they might do this for you.  Unfortunately I'm wrapped up in other project work for my company at the moment.