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    95 SP3 - Icon change

    steve.molander Apprentice

      I'm not finding any documentation that describes this, so look here for some input.   This week we upgraded the Core and our Consoles for LD95 SP3.    The core and consoles patched without any problems.  


      After several days we started testing updating the agents.  We elected to push out new agents to address the endpoints.   Patch and Compliance reflected the agent deployment as the number of affected computers without SP3 dropped with each deployment.


      However, we noticed a new icon indicator (we started with 95 SP2, so this is the first sp upgrade).   It appears there is a small "S" in a red bubble under the binoculars.


      We assumed before deployment that this was the indicator that the installed agent was not at the current SP level.   However, as the agents are deployed the icon indicator remains.   What do we have to do to eliminate this from showing.


      This is not critical as we will be deploying LD96 early next year.    But I like my systems to "look right".   Thanks