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    MAC addresses on laptops with 2 NICs.



      Is there a way to force LANDesk to regitster the MAC addressess of all the NIC's on a computer? The stuff under the <machinename>\networK\TCPIP\Bound Adapter is not reliable. For example, we turn off  the wireless cards off if the computer is connected via wired ethernet. . So sometimes the wireless card appears, sometimes it does not.



      It would seem this infor should be stored unter the network adapters section of the inventory, and the Web console interface has a place for the info, however, the 32 bit console does not, which tells me this has not been implemented yet.












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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee



          Well if the Wireless card is off, then it is the same as if it is no longer in the machine, not even the BIOS sees it.  That is different that when the wireless card is on but the radio is off.  If it is completely off, then it is not detectable. 


          How would our scanner differentiate between a wireless card that is completely off and a wireless card that dies and is removed or replaced?


          Or what about users who have USB wireless cards.  If it is in, we scan for it, if it is out we scan that it was removed, how would changes affect that?


          If you card is off and we scan, it will not be scanned, it will be detected as having been removed.  If it is on and we scan, it will be added to inventory.


          Maybe if you explain more about the symptoms you are seeing because of the lack of this information it would be helpful in clarifying why you see the way it is currently working as a problem.