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    How can you avoid this?


      Using our current WT4090 Wavelink config files, the WT41N0 asks the user to reboot the terminal to change the taskbar state.

      We don’t want the users to make this choice.  If they choose no, then Wavelink does not go into Kiosk mode.  (Taskbar is unlocked)

      Is there a way to update the config files so that a reboot is not necessary, have the device reboot automatically or as a last resort not attempt to lock the taskbar (so the popup does not appear)?



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          cachilli SupportEmployee



          with the Enabler config, there is not away to do that.. you can however try pushing a reboot package along with the config.. This Package would need to be created in package builder, and pushed down at the same time as the config. this should reboot the device with out the user acknowledging the reboot..


          in the package you would need to include a post install script with the following:


          RebootType = Warm

          (Cold / Warm) can choose one or the other

          Reboot = Auto


          Ultimately this appears to be a defect and would need support to further investigate this issue.. Please contact Wavelink support on this..

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            This has been escalated and reply from Developers suggest this is AS DESIGNED. I have come to the understanding that this is required on CE7 OS, and in order to avoid this the admin of this gun would need to configure Hide Taskbar through some other means. MDM or application.