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    Email Inbound not read message where email attachment .msg?

    pcantika Apprentice





      I have a problem in my inbound email. If my email inbound get message from customer and message from my customer

      have attachment .pdf and .msg. Where condition attachment like my capture :


      System landesk, continualy create incident, but landesk don't mark this email as read. Like my capture :UnRead.jpg


      Because of this, landesk have a lot incident for subject, details which is same and this system landesk always think is not the same case.


      for temporary solution, i have to unread manualy for this email. If i get same email again for this. what can i do for landesk system to automatically read this email?


      *note : i am using LanDesk 7.7.2


      Please Help


      Thank you


      Putri Cantik A