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    Task grouping and sequencing


      Lets say there are predefined tasks for a service . These tasks can be automatically created by adapting the process using boolean . This could either be concurrent tasks or Sequential. This isn't an issue.


      Concurrent :If Task 1 exists, Task 2 exists, Task 3 exists=> create Task 1, Task 2, Task 3 etc

      Sequential :If Task 1 exists, Create Task 1; If Task 1 closed => If Task 2 exists, Create Task 2;  If Task 2 closed =>  If Task 3 exists, Create Task 3 etc


      I am looking for a way where we could combine the above both methods.

      Reason behind this is there will always be some tasks that should be done at the same time and a few in sequence.


      Can we group these tasks somehow and provide a sequence? ( Probably an ER)

      Lets say if I have 8 tasks defined on a Service.

      Task 1  Sequence 1

      Task 2  Sequence 2

      Task 3  Sequence 1

      Task 4  Sequence 2

      Task 5  Sequence 1

      Task 6  Sequence 3

      Task 7  Sequence 1

      Task 8  Sequence 3


      I will need to have Task 1,3,5,7 created first and when these tasks are closed the next set and so on..

      Note: This sequence can vary per Service. Any idea on how to implement this will be great. Thanks

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          You would probably need to look at some very clever process design. You can create 4 different 'add task' in the process and when the Incident has reached a particular status you can add a "are all task at end status" precondition in order to move on.

          You can then continue and adding on new tasks in your process after this status.


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