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    Upgrade Question


      In the past my boss required me to test every single feature and process we use in the Console, Self Service, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla.  I have an enormous incident process, a large password process, a large Change Process, and a large new server Change process.  My check list literally has about 200 check points to check and that ignores the e-mail readers, data imports, knowledge, and Mobile/Fuse.  We create about 40,000 incidents a year and 80% of my analysts are now on Web Desk.  I am considering testing Web Desk only with Internet Explorer 9 which is our official browser.  It seems that if I ever have an issue it has been a change that is across the board and is found easily in testing.  IE can't create an incident.


      I will take my live database and copy it to a test server.  I will do a test upgrade of the software and database.  Then it is off to my list of 200 items and test, test, test.


      My question is, how much testing does everyone else do?  How in depth do you go with testing of new versions?