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    Query for attaching child incidents


      I'm trying to change the calls that are displayed when trying to attach an incident to another incident as a child. It is only showing calls that where logged that day and I need to remove this restriction but I can't find where this query is or what its called.

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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          Brian - its the query that is set to be the default query on the incident object.


          That query is used in a number of places so it should not have any criteria on it.  You can however put prompted queries on it which will allow you to quickly find the incident you are looking for when doing the parent child linking, and won't affect what it displays in the collection tab at the bottom of your incident window for the Parents or Children collection.

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            elizabethcombrink Expert

            And I'll add as well to make sure that you have Add Parent / Add Child on all your statuses so that your analysts don't get an error message if they select an incident which is at a status where they can't do the linking because the actions are not there (most common place where they are missing are Resolved and Closed)