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    MDM - LDM: Adding folders to Mobility Device Inventory


      Using LDM 9.5 SP2 - Mobility 9.0.4


      Does anyone know how to get folders added/created within the Mobility module in LDM.  I need to be able to separate the Personally allowed devices from the Company provided devices.  Any help is greatly appreciated.




      Thank you



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          Hello there Susan,

          I don't think that the LANDESK Mobility Manager 9.0 can work properly on a 9.5 SP1 or later core.


          The architecture of the mobility manager has been dramatically changed with the introduction of the Mobility Manager 9.5, removing the need to have a server installed on-site to manage the mobile devices and adding the same functionality using Avalanche configured in SaaS mode (Avalanche On Demand - AOD)


          If you are running a Management Suite 9.5 SP2 or later, you may want to use this version of the Mobility Manager:

          LDMO 9.5 SP2 Patch


          In general, here are the pre-requisites for the Mobility Manager:

          LANDESK Mobility Management Prerequisites


          The ability so arrange devices in folders and sub-folders is implemented in AOD.

          I'm not even sure if the version combination you are using is officially supported, I guess is not.

          If you are not willing to migrate your mobile environment to LDMO 9.5, I'd check this with the LANDESK Technical Support.


          Hope this helps