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    Industrial Browser WEB - overflow cache


      Hello all


      My devices are running 24/ 7 / 365.
      After around 2 days the answers and reactions of the device are slower as on the first day.

      A "good scan" needs time , the comming new website also

      After around 3 days most devices have no reaction - if they in sleep mode I did not get them back alive.


      We found out - IE cache is full !


      The switch inside TB - WEB Clear Cache and  und WEB Clear Cookies have only on time a effect - at the start.

      Our device running all time - stop the session and exit Wavelink isn´t allow for the workers.


      MC 9190

      - germany and englisch OS - 1.34 // 2.41 same .
      - Wavelink 7.3.206 and 7.3.196 -> older same effect


      any idea ?



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          cachilli SupportEmployee

          Unfortunately the only way in TE to clear the cache are the settings which you had already found..You can either have the devices rebooted at a specific time or before the start of each shift and have TE auto launch after the OS is done booting.


          to have the device reboot at a specific interval each day, you will need to use the Wavelink enabler for that device. have the enabler connect to the Avalanche console and select the option to reboot before connect..

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            Hello all


            We found out that the Wavelink IB can´t  delete the right folder used for the cache.

            .\Windows\Profiles\guest\ Cookies // History // Temporary Internet Files

            What ever Wavelink delete - not that folder !


            We have installed that and other newer Version - error is the same.


            Release 7.3.206 - 08/01/2014


            Fix for Web clearing cache and clearing Cookies.




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              JanetWei SupportEmployee

              There is version 7.3.265 released for MC9190 WM6.5 device to resolve this issue.You could download the version and have a try. For difference device models, you may need to contact wavelink support to get a package.