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      Hi All


      When a call is logged via our portal or email, the customer receives an email notification of the details of their call and a link that allows them to update the call via email. the mailto:html code on the escaltion email is;


      <font face="Arial" size="2">You can also add a note to your

                        logged call by <a href="mailto:servicedesk@blah.co.uk?subject=Update My Call:{Reference Number}">clicking

                          here</a> but please do not change the subject line.<br>

                      </font><font face="Arial" size="2">

      When a customer receives the above email their Call ref number is stated after the "Update My Call" in the subject line and all works great, But at some point the escaltion code changes to


      href="mailto:servicedesk@blah.co.uk?subject=Update%20My%20Call:%7BReference%20Number%7D"> And the reference number no longer appears. I have to then go into the escaltion email and change the code back to <a href="mailto:servicedesk@blah.co.uk?subject=Update My Call:{Reference Number}"> do a "recycle all" in Config centre for it to then work again.


      Is there something in the background that anyone knows of that would be causing this or is there a better way to acheive this?


      we're on 7.7.1


      Any help much appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance



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          A URL can't have a space in it so the space is changed to a %20.  I would rename "Update My Call" to "Update_My_Call".  Well, actually I would use a link to a web page so they enter it directly into the Self Service portal and get used to using the portal.  Not always possible but in my environment were trying to get away from e-mail, it's not nearly as reliable as going directly to the incident.  They can add notes, attachments, and see what analysts have done.  Far more useful than just an e-mail response ... if your users can use self service.

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