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    Multicast Imaging 9.6


      We are new to Landesk 9.6 and have been working with imaging but mostly on one machine at a time.  Today we wanted to put an image on new machines in a lab.  The total number was 30.  On the Deploy Image task we checked multicast, hoping that it would choose one device and then push the image from there.  From what we can tell it pushes the image to each machine and then runs the imageW tool with the image it has stored on c:.  Once the image is finished we try to mount the drive and it fails.  When we look at diskpart on the imaged disk it just shows the 100MB partition.  Can we get some advice on what is the best way to deploy an image to multiple devices.  We were able to get the lab imaged but had to let each individual machine pull from the server and it took a very long time.

      Thanks for any help!

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          Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

          Multicasting an image in LANDesk is very different to say ghost. I would leave this alone and instead setup a preferred server on the local network where you are imaging as the deploy image action in provisioning will check for a local preferred server and map a drive to this by default to get the image file.


          All you need is the same share, folder and file structure as the source then setup the local device as a preferred server with connection credentials. When the deploy image action runs you can bring up a command prompt and type net use to see where it mapped the drive to verify it worked correctly

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            Thank you Alex. We went back and tried imaging with a preferred server and it worked.  We just didn't realize the time it adds to the process.  We can image a single machine and it takes less than 10 minutes to push the image, while doing the lab takes about an hour.  We'll keep learning!!  Thanks again for your help!