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    very new and need help with a few things after os provisioning

    Easyk Apprentice



      I am very new to landesk, having been handed this.. also i just been on a 5 day crash course too.


      very excited about LANDesk and how it will smooth things out for us.


      anyway we have over 200 new Wyse windows 7 embedded thing clients that need to be imaged, i can already pull and push images to these units


      what we need to do is a couple of things.


      1.) a window pops up and asks for the computer name, this will need to be manually entered as each machine is labelled by us with its asset tag and its very specific.. tho the constants i want is TCW7E<STATE> and then the reset the serial number (where state is 3 capitol letters). my plan here is to have a provisioning template for each state.. that way  only the serial number ever needs to be entered.

      2.) get the machines mac address and then search a network share for the mac.pc3 and copy the file to C:\program files\company\User Desktop.  (the default location has allready been altered in the master image.)

      3.) requests whether the local username "user" needs to be changed, if so then it asks the username & description. changes the username/description according to the user input, and then sets a password with a character before and after the entered username.. eg &username&

      4.) deploys our requested agent, pretty sure i know how to do this.


      any help would be greatly appreciated, i love VB scripts but  its been a while and i an rusty.