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    Capture Profile not executing


      LANDESK 9.6


      Disclaimer: I have configured and implemented OSD and Provisioning for years and am very comfortable with the toolset. However, this is my first foray into Profile Migration using provisioning.


      Current Status: I created a Capture Profile template - with 1 single action, "capture profile". I configured the XML template based of examples presented on the Community. I also created a deployment template - but I haven't been able to test that yet.


      Issue: When I schedule the Capture Profile Template and target a machine, it does nothing. It goes straight to Pending and remains in a "Waiting" status. I even tried PXE booting and selecting the Capture Profile template. Still nothing.


      The Provisioning Log on the Core shows "couldn't find task for computer 6146" and "Unable to find template for computer IDN 6146". Computer_IDN is the machine that I am targeting for the profile capture. Provisioning an OS is working just fine, I am provisioning Win 7 with no problems. The single Capture Profile action in the template is running at the System Migration phase (the only place it is available). I have the boot environment set to N/A. The Target OS is set to Windows. I have made multiple attempts - all fail to execute.


      What am I doing wrong? Also, I should be able to capture a profile of a machine OUTSIDE of WinPE, correct? If so, is there something special that I should be doing. Does the template need another action?


      Thank you!