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    Advanced Agent GPO with Detection?


      I am attempting to find a solution to a problem I am experiencing with Unmanaged Devices.

      Our Domains have specific agents and I do not want the advanced agent to wipe out a pre-existing agent (server agents with specific scanning intervals, for example).  Now, I could set it so that it installs X agent for X OU BUT, each of our domains has 3 different OU's...  I would have to set up the GPO 3 different times across 160 domains and hope that the stations are in the correct OU's


      I am wanting to set up some kind of detection logic where the GPO would check to see if an agent exists. If no agent is found then it sends a basic inventory advanced agent to the target system.  I was thinking a batch file on login but that would break PCI compliance.


      Thank you for your time,

      - Jeremy


      LDMS 9.5 SP2

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          Do you have login scripts for your environment?   just need a "if not exist" statement for the LANDesk Management program folder on the pc to determine whether it needs to be installed or not.


          Or, you can set up a gpo to do the install & set that on a particular sub-folder of your computers group to drop those pc's into until the agent is installed, then pull them out & re-deploy the correct agent for that pc from LANDesk