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    How fast should OSD be?


      How fast should landesk image? I am only talking about the  image copy process speeds not including sysprep and all of that. I have our landesk servers and share’s running at 10 GB. I have tried doing file copies from the image share to the PXE environment and I usually cap out around 75% utilization or 77 MB/second on the desktop and 7.78% on the server. When I run the LANDesk OSD process using Imagew V2,   I get speeds closer to 1.4% on the server and 10% network utilization on the desktop. This is a LOT slower speed than file copy alone. I realize there is a lot more going on than just coping a file. I can use ghost or acronis and get much faster speeds. Is this as fast as we can get? Is there a setting to change the compression rate or anything that would speed up the image process? I am not multicasting.



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          Okay so I did some more testing. I was right and wrong at the same time. So I am testing with a new Windows 7 HP laptop and a SSD drive. If I do a
          straight file copy from my locally installed computer I get about 77MB/second download from my image server. If I use with windows 7 PE environment I get
          about 10MB-15MB/sec straight download. If I use the new Windows 8 environment I get about 35MB/second download speeds. I do double my download speed just by
          going from Windows 7 PE to Windows 8 environment. Although it is 2X faster it is still about half of the speed as a native windows 7 install. These speeds are the same across different hardware. I don’t think that it is a specific driver issue.




          My other issue is that the Windows 8 environment will present me with the PXE menu and I can select the menu option. It will flash a few command boxes so I know it is doing something but then Imagew V2 never shows up.