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    Lost device icons and controls

    steve.molander Apprentice

      LANDesk 9.5 SP3


      In the last day we have lost the device icons on our endpoints.   Besides no icons, we cannot launch a Remote Control nor initiate a security, compliance nor Antivirus scan.




      In the above example, each of these endpoints are sp3, are running and have the agent installed.


      The HTML Remote Control is working.


      And if we Inspect a device, then select Remote Control from the inspect page, the traditional Remote Control works.


      We're restarted services and eventually rebooted the LANDesk server.   No change.


      We have confirmed the LANDesk server is fully patched and that the Remote Control Agent Setting is applied to the Agent Configurations.


      We are suspecting a patch, but Clean/Repair History only shows the LD-AV-2234 patch being applied last Friday. 


      Looking for help on understanding what may have happened and what we can do to resolve.


      Thank you.