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    VMWare 10 pxe boot woes


      Hello everyone


      I'm hoping i'm just tired and this is a simple answer.. I've been tasked with setting up a virtual machine from one of our old XP images in VMWare workstation 10 using landesk 9,5 sp2


      I can get all the way to right before you get the actual PXE Menu and then the command window does the searching for IP address from and fails on me. I've done some research and it says that it can use the e1000 nic driver which I've added to the drivers but I can't get this guy to connect.


      anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?


      thanks in advance for any help!!


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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          I wish I could give you a simple answer. Unfortunately, we have noticed the same thing here. It seems the latest VMWare 10 did something odd to the network card and/or driver that cause it to have problems with PXE booting. You are definitely down the right path with the e1000, as that is normally more successful.


          I will send this along to some others who have been fighting this and have them update the thread with anything they find or that we hear from VMWare.

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            Brian.Hoffman Apprentice

            yea the only why I could get pxe to work was via the e1000 the new vmxnet 3 does not work.

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              thanks Tanner

              VM Ware gives a free upgrade to version 11 so I'll try with that one and see if they've made any helpful changes.


              thanks for the reply!

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                tperkes Employee



                I was able to resolve this issue by doing the following steps:

                1. Added the VMware SCSI driver to the boot.wim (assuming you're running into the exact same problem as I)

                2. Edited the .VMX for the VM with notepad.exe and added the following line: ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000e"

                3. Doing step 2 will break the VM's network connectivity, to solve this I just downloaded the e1000 drivers for XP and installed them in the VM.

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                  sorry for the late reply. i've finally had a chance to upgrade to 11 but the problem is still there.. I'm going to try Tperkes suggestion today.

                  thanks everyone.

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                    I found something on the VMWare site that got me past the waiting message..


                    if you find your vmx file you can edit it and add


                    ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

                    I put that in at the beginning of the ethernet section and it worked immediately.

                    thanks for the suggestions everyone.     

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                      tperkes Employee

                      So, today, I fought a similar issue with the SCSI driver in WinPE. In my case I was dealing with an older VM guest that was built with a much older version of VMware  Workstation, and the SCSI controller was set to 'lsilogic' in the .vmx file, change that scsci0.device to "pvscsi" (which are the only drivers available in VMware 10. Then, by adding the paravisualization driver to the WinPE boot.wim you're able to see the disk.