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    LANDesk 95sp3 and Citrix XenApp

    steve.molander Apprentice

      Environment:    Citrix XenApp 6.5.    Citrix Hosts Windows Server 2008r2    LANDesk 95sp3


      I've searched through the discussions looking to find something around best practices for use of LANDesk Management / Security Suite with Citrix.   The only posts I can find discuss installing the LANDesk agent on the hosts but excluding SoftMon.    Else I can't find any documentation around how best to monitor for malicious activities on the sessions.


      Looking for what anyone else is doing?   Agent installed on base XenApp image?   Agent installed on hosts?   Simply protect the core file server where profiles are kept?


      I would appreciate if anyone can share or point me to a LANDesk document.



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          We don't really have a best practices document besides the things that you have seen by looking at different posts here on the community.  You may want to reach out to some of the members that have answered questions on other threads as they would be using Citrix in their environment.