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    Single machine Inventory Report


      I am trying to find an effective way to capture the software and hardware inventory for each machine that is to be disposed of before deleting it from LANDesk Management suite and attaching that file (Report) to LANDesk Service desk.


      Has anybody done this or know of a way to do it?

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          Jason SupportEmployee

          Do you have Data Analytics?

          If so that tool offers a couple of options for preserving the Data.

          First and easiest is archive to asset control that moves the device(complete with inventory record) to a different table so it is no longer in all devices nor is it consuming a license but is still accessible and for queries and reporting purposes.

          The second would be to us Database doctor and export the inventory scan of the device and attach that file to your LDSD instance.


          Otherwise you would need to create a custom report based on the query and column sets you want displayed and then export that out in file format of your choice, your options for this are unlimited depending on how much or how little data you want.



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            Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

            You should be able to use Data Analytics to export this data, then I would imagine you can attach that to a Service Desk ticket, although I'm not totally familiar with SD and what you might be trying to do.