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    RobR@SWRX Apprentice

      I know that several versions back LANDesk integrated pretty tightly with CISCO's NAC for posturing when clients connect to your network. 

      That functionality is not built-in to LANDesk any more, but CISCO claims that through their API you should be able to get them to work together again.


      Has anyone out there had any experience with the CISCO API and LANDesk?


      Our of the box it looks like the NAC client wants to talk to a WSUS server, which we don't have because we use LANDesk.


      Thanks in advance for any advice.


          Bubbatech, can you help me understand more of what you need from LANDESK to make sure they talk to each other?

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            RobR@SWRX Apprentice


            I really don't know, that's the problem.

            My CISCO guy asked me what WSUS server he should point his NAC agent to.  I said the landesk server, he said that's not one of the drop down menu items, but CISCO says "they have an API", whatever that means.


            I was hoping to find someone who has integrated LANDesk 9.5spX or 9.6 with the CISCO NAC agent for network posturing and sandboxing unpatched clients when they connect to a network.


            Does that help?