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    What causes a patch to be "Deffered" ?


      Everytime I try to push a patch or run vulscan manually it says patches are deffered. under the LANDesk\winclient\vulscan key in the registry i see a key called "DefferedTasks" which contains all of the vulscan commands I tried to run. Is this caused because a machine is pending a reboot?? What exactly causes a vulscan command to be put into deffered tasks registry key. 









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          Not seeing a reply to this and it is a little old.  not sure you got the answer you were looking for but here is something to look at.


          In LDMS 8.8 the Scan and Repair Settings have added the ability to wait for different events before applying a patch.  If you look at the Scan and Repair Settings that are being used for the repair task the options for repair are:


          Immediately Begin

          Notify user with message

          Notify user, also allow cancel

          Wait to repair until machine is locked or screen saver is running

          Wait to repair until user is logged off


          My guess is that your Scan and Repair Setting - Repair tab option is set to one of the "Wait to repair........"