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    Updating the Service Catalog "Request Service" button/link color?


      We are currently on Service Desk version 7.7.3 and are in the process of configuring our service catalog. We have applied our Company color scheme to the site and after doing so noticed that the "Request Service" button/link in the service catalog was updated to white which essentially makes it "disappear" from the Service Catalog screen. After taking a deep dive and testing updating several attributes via the Color Scheme menu I found in order to update the color for the Service Catalog button / link you actually have to update the following 3 attributes which impact other major components of the site:


      • Header information text color: This updates the text color of the link/button but also controls the text color of the items in the header of the home page.
      • Content header border: Updates the border color of the link / button but also controls the border of several other gadgets on the site (not just the header border)
      • Content header background: Updates the background color of the link/button but also control the sub-header color of several gadgets.


      I have attached a few images to illustrate the issue.


      Service Catalog showing the "Request Service" button/link with our Company branding color scheme:




      The site header before updating the 3 attributes to change the color of the button to make it visible:



      The service catalog after updating the 3 attributes to change the color of the button to make it visible:

      Service Catalog Post Update.jpg


      The impact to the rest of the site is illustrated below by the arrows:

      As you can see there is now a border around all gadgets, there is a strip of color added to the header / footer of most gadgets and the header text color has been updated.


      Self Service Post Updates.jpg



      Has anyone found a way around this that does not require changing the entire color scheme of the site? All we need to do is change the color of the Service Catalog "Request Service" button / link.