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    HP Embedded agent fails to install after upgrade 9.5 -> 9.6

    jvhooijdonk Apprentice

      Hi all,


      After upgrading a LDMS 9.5 environment to version 9.6 the installation of the Embedded agent fails in provisioning. I have used the scripts from the community as a template (HP Thin Client Management with LANDesk Management Suite 9.5). The write filter is disabled on the client. I used both the self extracting executable as the "normal" agent install in provisioning. The error written in the event log is: "The LANDesk® Management Agent service terminated with the following error: Incorrect function. EventID 7023 Computer: COMPUTER".

      Anyone else ran into this issue after upgrading? Bye the way, normal desktops and laptops have no issue at all during provisioning with the agent install.

      Thanks for your help!