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    Service Desk l - SA log in error Sequence contain no matching element

    cdaisley Apprentice

      Fresh Clean install of Service Desk 7.7.3 in my test envi. Websever is  Server 2012 R2.  The SQL server is 2008 R2.  Basically went through the set up document line by line.  Was getting the SA not being to log on on error message
      Tried running the SQL query mentioned in another thread
      "update tps_password set tps_password = 'D4-1D-8C-D9-8F-00-B2-04-E9-80-09-98-EC-F8-42-7E' where tps_guid = (select tps_password_id from tps_user where tps_name = 'SA')"
      and it ran just fine. Verified the update by browsing the tables  However now my problem went from cant log in to the following
      Sequence contain no matching element
      Any one else experiencing this?