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    Where Does LANDesk Log E-mail Send Attempts?


      I am setting up a report to be e-mailed on a regular basis.  I've created the scheduled task for the report.  I've made myself (my e-mail address) a recipient.  In the SMTP Configuration pane, I have entered my company's SMTP mail server and other relevant information.  I am able to run a test just fine (I send the test to my e-mail address).


      When I save and run the report I do not get an e-mail from LANDesk.  I know the report is running as expected because I've added the LANDesk Reports share as a recipient and it makes it there okay.  I've tried other e-mail addresses, but they do not get the report, either.  I do not see any blocks in my antivirus' access protection log.


      Is there a log file that I can look in to get more information on what's [not] happening?