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    Create 3 levels of dependency on the item configuration database


      I am implementing LANDesk Service Desk and tried to set three levels of dependence on configuration items, which must be shown as follows: Client (list of company names of our clients) - Service (list of services that we provide to the selected client) - Active Service (list of configuration items that belong to the selected service).

      With this I intend to create incidents and differentiated by customer requirements and contracted services for each of these, in addition to the assets of the services



      ClientServiceService Asset
      ENTELVirtual MachineENTEL_SRV-DC01.entel.local
      ENTELVirtual MachineENTEL_enteldev1.entel.local
      ENTELProduction network10.10.1.0
      ENTELOperative System AdministrationENTEL_entelsrv.entel.local
      ENTELExchange AdministrationENTEL_EXCHSRV01.entel.local
      ENTELVirtual MachineENTEL_EXCHSRV01.entel.local
      ENTELAntivirus AdministrationENTEL_entelsrv.entel.local
      ClaroVirtual MachineClaro_EXCHSRV04.claro.local
      ClaroVirtual MachineClaro_EXCHSRV03.claro.local
      ClaroVirtual MachineClaro_fserver01.claro.local
      VTRVirtual MachineVTR_APPCLT1.vtr.local
      VTRProduction network192.168.10.0
      VTRActive Directory AdministrationVTR_SRVDC1.vtr.local
      VTRVirtual MachineVTR_fserver01.vtr.local
      VTRVirtual MachineVTR_SRVDC1.vtr.local