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    Can I view a full incident history with all text in chronological order




      I'm new to ServiceDesk and when compared to other Incident Management apps, There doesn't appear to be a clear way of viewing a full incident history in chronological order, with full text from each stage.


      The way we have it set up is so that it has separate tabs when a call is assigned to another internal team, with the customer or with a third party. But to browse the full history you need to navigate the tabs, which is difficult to understand when an incident has been back and forth several times, or y using the History pane, which Only advises of the order the incident passed between tabs.


      is there any button I can click to just "View Full History" Showing all text from each step of an incident in order?


      Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, I am new to this and could not find anything similar?


      Best Regards