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    Provisioning with 9.6

    hunter13 Apprentice

      I need some help, we have been imaging computers with landesk for a number of years and this last weekend we upgraded to 9.6. Now when I go to image a computer it just crashes after the image is placed on the computer. I get the following warning file: \windows\system32\winload.exe is missing or corrupt. Here is a picture of my provisioning template










      The wait is just for testing, Any help please..








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          Markus.Gonser ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi hunter13,

          after upgrading to 9.6 we changed the deployment from ImageX to DISM.

          This works fine. We had the same problems with ImageX and ImageW.

          If you want, test the deplyoment with dism, but you have to capture an image also with dism before.


          best regards


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            Markus.Gonser ITSMMVPGroup

            Here are the commandline parameters for capture and deplyoment:

            • capture image:
              • dism.exe /Capture-Image /ImageFile:<location to save wim-file> /CaptureDir:C:\ /Name:"<name>" /compress:maximum /verify /ScratchDir:W:\
            • deploy image:
              • dism.exe /Apply-Image /ImageFile:<location of wim-file> /index:1 /ApplyDir:c:\