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    Prefered Server Question



      Hopefully a quick answer type of question...



      We have 15 sites worldwide, going from 20 people to over 500 people.  For software distribution, we'd like to take advantage of either LANDesk's file sync, or even use a 3rd party sync or Microsoft's to replicate the software to each location.



      Question is, does the prefered server need to be a windows based server, or can it be a CIF share on a NetApp, or similar type device?



      Thanks for the help!



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          We use simple old robocopy to replicate our packages (30+ package servers) works well.



          I believe Netapp device emulate Windows 2000 so a share on Netapp will work.  The only issues you may encounter on Netapp:


          1. If you use HTTP VUNCs since you would have to have another server run IIS to point to the share on the Netapp.

          2. Null session shares (should not be necessary in most cases) are hard to configure on Netapps.

          Hope this helps.






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